SURFACE AND GROVING AREA: 0,5Ha in Calosso town

AGE OF THE VINEYARDS: approx 25 years old

VINE DENSITY: 4500 per hectare

HARVEST: Mid/End-September, traditional harvest with selection of grapes.

WINE HL PER HECTARE: 60 hl per hectare


WINEMAKING: Maceration and fermentation take place in traditional way, in stainless steel tanks, at controlled temperature, for about 20/25 days. Malo-lactic can take place.

AGEING: Ageing in oak. 

ANALYTICAL INFO: Alcohol content: approx 14,00%Vol; total acidity: approx 5,70 g/l; residual sugar: approx 1,60 g/l; dry extract: approx 25,60 g/l; total SO2: approx 69 mg/l

TASTING NOTES: Ruby red color with orange highlights; delicate bouquet but continuous and well expressed (hints of violets and licorice); dry and elegant taste, also consistent and sustained.

SUGGESTION: It pairs well with red and white strong meats. Wine with good ageing potential. Keep it a dark place at a temperature of 12-14°C and serve in a tulip or large glass at a temperature of about 18-20°C.

CURIOSITY: The idea to show an old train on the label refers to the will to indicate a wine linked to the tradition, to old stories and also to a poetic meaning of the passage of the train that “always leaves its sign”. The train wants to indicate the strenght and body of this red wine.