The Scagliola family has produced wine for four generations in Calosso, a small village in southern Piedmont on the last hills of Monferrato, on the edge of the Langhe. Camillo Scagliola was born in 1889 and in 1939 set up the winery, where he produced the first barrel of Scagliola wine. He married Palmina Ferro and they had 5 children. Unfortunately, Camillo passed away at a young age and the widow had to raise the children alone. At the time, life was hard and spared no one. The children had to take care of one another when they were still very young. The Second World War made a further impact on the family, tearing the youth and the work force away from the land.

At the age of 14, Giovanni Scagliola decided to move forward with his father's work, renting out some land that surrounded the house. Giovanni married his neighbour, Marcellina Barbera. Together they worked the land, cultivating not only vines but also crops and meadows; they also raised livestock and poultry. While Giovanni worked on the lands, Marcellina travelled on foot to sell their products at the nearby markets.

All of this was under the dominion and control of the mistress of the house, Palmina. Giovanni then expanded his sales, bringing the cattle to the great fairs in Piedmont. There, he met several merchants who, in addition to cattle, also appreciated wine. Thus was born the Scagliola family's wine trade in Italy. Maggiorino Scagliola was born in 1947 and immediately followed his parents' footsteps. By accompanying his father to the fairs, he realised that there was more than just cattle sales.

When his brother Mario Scagliola, born in 1959, entered the business, the desire to expand the wine market became stronger. Their main project was to transform the multi-sector estate into a winery. The first bottle of "Volo di Farfalle" Moscato wine was thus produced.
In 1976 Maggiorino married Bruna Bussi, who immediately joined in on the winery's projects and completely immersed herself in its management. For several years, the winery dedicated itself to specialising in the production of bottles of Moscato, while the other wines were sold privately from the cask. The Scagliola family believes in the heritage and history of these lands and in their potential.
And so the Barbera, the typical grape variety of the area, is offered in its wide range of possibilities, as an excellent daily wine and as accompaniment to special moments.

Thus were born "La Birba" Barbera Monferrato and "Frem" Barbera d'Asti. In 1996, Barbera Superiore "SanSi" and "SanSi Selezione" were produced, as the highest expression of this variety. Maggiorino and Mario inherited character, profession, vocation and skills from their parents, demonstrating that tradition is also a glimpse into the future, always on the double track left by the previous generation.
Mario Scagliola married Emiliana Cesari, who immediately became part of the winery's management. From the union between Maggiorino and Bruna came Silvia and Giovanni Scagliola who, after studying, joined in on the winery's large project.

The new fourth-generation arrivals have brought with them the energy to take a new turn, as the world and the market have changed to become global, and taste is based on a new model of consumption. The courage of the younger generation that has its feet planted in tradition brings the family to compare itself with the wineries that are shaping the taste of an international market, and so chardonnay and cabernet have entered the challenge.

This is how "Casot dan Vian" chardonnay and "L'Azord", which is a blend of Barbera, Cabernet and Nebbiolo, came about.
All bottles are dressed in specially tailored to labels created by the artist Massimo Ricci, who has long worked with the family and is a master at knowing how to extrapolate from each wine its deeper meaning, transporting it directly on the canvas creating unique labels and always originals.
Naturally, Moscato and Barbera remain the winery's most important products.

The Scagliola family constantly aims to live by the saying: "quality over quantity" and, above all, they are absolutely certain that quality is created in the vineyard, not in the cellar. Martina and Federica, the daughters of Mario and Emiliana, are still very young but they already have the drive and determination to carry the family's project into the future.

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