GRAPE VARIETY : Chardonnay  

AGE OF THE VINEYARDS: From 10 to 15 years old

HARVEST: Beginning of September, traditional harvest with rigorous selection of grapes


WINEMAKING: Maceration on skins takes place at low temperatures for approx 36 hours. Soft pressing and cold static clarification. Fermentaton with selected yeasts at a controlled temperature for about 10-15 days. Malo-lactic does not take place.

AGEING: Ageing in stainless steel tanks and bottling while the wine is still young.

ANALYTICAL INFO: Alcohol content: approx 14,00%Vol. 

TASTING NOTES: Straw yellow wine with well-dressed and long, enveloping bouquet, ample and flowery, taste smooth and harmonious dry, with good drinkability. 

SUGGESTION:Perfect for aperitifs, appetizers and fish dishes. It is advisable not to prolong the ageing over 2/3 years. Keep it in a dark place  at a temperature of about 8/10 °C and serve in a closed glass cup at a temperature of about 4/6°C.

CURIOSITY: In Piedmont dialect “Casot” means “small house” or small uninhabited house placed in the vineyards. It was used as a warehouse for vineyards tools, or by the land workers just to have some rest during the day. In this case “Casot Dan Vian” refers to small house, commonly called so by us, located halfway up to San Siro hill and surronded by the vineyards of Chardonnay.