For four generations, Scagliola family has been dedicated to the cultivation of the vineyards using healty, careful and clean vine-growing techniques, in full respect of nature and the biological balance of the vines, with low yields per hectare. 

In winter, when pruning, only a single fruiting cane, with a few buds, is left on the vine together with a renewal spur.

In spring, the shoots are usually trimmed three times and some of the leaves near the bunches of grapes are removed to prevent mould attacks. 

The phytosanitary treatments are insispired by the principles of integrated defence. Research in the field, along with metereological data processed with the help of specialised wine technicians, make it possible to reduce the necessary interventions to a minimum.

The use of fertilization is minimal and based only on the reintegration of consumption.


During the summer, excess bunches are eliminated. This practice, called “green harvest”, is performed to reduce the quantityof grapes produced and maximise quality with greater results in the cellar.

The harvest takes place from the end of August to mid-October with hand picking, in order to have a further selection of bunches.

The skilful work in the vineyards, the rational use of technology in the cellar and the careful selection of grapes and musts produce a limited number of bottles, which express all the great potentialities of this region’s wines, aimed at true connoisseurs. The estate extends over 40 hectares of vineyards at an altitude of 320/380 meters above sea level. From these vines, alongside the classics Moscato and Barbera, Scagliola family produces Dolcetto, Cortese, Chardonnay, Grignolino, Monferrato Rosso, Brachetto and Pinot Nero, in limited quantities.

All the bottles have a label created specifically by the artist Massimo Ricci, he has been working with the family for a long time and he is a master to extract from every single wine its deepest meaning, taking it directly to the canvas, creating unique and always original labels.

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