GRAPE: Barbera 

HARVEST: Beginning-Mid September, traditional harvest with manual selection of grapes;


WINEMAKING: Maceration and fermentation take place in traditional way, in stainless steel tanks, at controlled temperature for about 15/20 days. Malo-lactic can take place;

AGEING: Wine bottled while young;

ANALYTICAL INFO:Alcohol content: approx 14,00%Vol;

TASTING NOTES: Strong ruby-red color; vinous bouquet and scents of forest fruits. Pleasant dry flavor very typical for this variety;

SUGGESTION: Perfect with first courses, soups or white meat. It’s advisable not to prolong the ageing over two/three years Keep it in a dark place at a temperature of about 14-16°C and serve at 18-20°C

CURIOSITY: Each vineyard expresses its potential in different way, it is up to the farmer to understand how to allocate the product. Traditionally Scagliola family destinated young vines to a lively Barbera “La Birba” and to a traditional Barbera “Frem”. But the needs of the market are constantly changing and teh request to have a young but still Barbera gave us the opportunity to produce “Mati”: a Barbera young like “Birba” but traditional like “Frem” so the label has been reinterpreted with the young girl and the dog to highlight the marriage between the two ones.