SURFACE AND EXPOSURE: 1,20 Ha – South exposure

AGE OF THE VINEYARDS: 10 years old.

VINE DENSITY: Approx 4000 per hectare

HARVEST: By hand of selected grapes; it takes place between end of August and beginning of September



WINEMAKING: After harvesting the must is obtained through a soft pressing. After about 24 hours of cold decantation the must is racked and put in to fermentation.

AGEING: After fermentation the first ageing takes place on its lees, in oak barrels. Later on the wine is placed in bottles with crown caps. The bottles are then stacked in the cellar at  14-18°C, and the second fermentation begins. The product reamins on the yeasts for at least 24 months, before the dégorgément and marketing. Wine bottled after three years from the harvest.

ALCOHOL: 13,50 Vol.

TASTING NOTES: Delicate pink color, clear and trasparent with orange highlights (onion). The perlage is soft, fine and persistent. The taste is dry, fruity with good structure. In the mouth it’s full, with good intensity, the aftertaste is long and persistent, it reminds to notes of dried fruit, plums and blackberries.

SUGGESTION: Aperitifs, fish dishes, pasta, soup or white meat. Wine with good ageing potential. Store it in a place free of light at a temperature of about 10/12 °C and serve in glass flutes at about 4/6 °C

CURIOSITY: We paid homage to the patriarch of the Scagliola family who first had the passion to offer the first bottles. Wine from historical flavor, being the area highly evoked for classic sparkling wines full of character.Later on